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Marriage is treated as one of the most important aspect of Man's life. The premise is that man is a social animal whose growth is dependent on the solidarity of the family. As no family can come into existence without the institution of marriage, great importance has been attached to this institution.


The Arya Samaj also believes that the institution of marriage is a code prescribed in the Vedas.


Start your marriage on the Right track, getting married is the beginning of a wonderful journey for the two of you. Here is information how to get married, how to make sure that life together is on a strong foundation.


1. Choose the right person to Marry.
2. Always remember that your partner will never mirror your ideas, values, likes and dislikes. Nobody is perfect you find such words/terms only in books.
3.Happy Marriage doesn't mean marriage without conflicts. Efforts are required to make marriage work.


The process of preparing yourself for marriage will take a lot of time, energy and commitment. Just remember that its an investment in your future together and one that will pay off with a life time of love because marriage is indeed an affair of a life time.


The exclusive service helps you to find your life partner and as a member you can enjoy the following.

1. Receive member profiles matching you in your email box..
2. Receive new member updates in your mail-box.


Please note, Arya Samaj Marriage Bureau announces a confidential Matrimonial Service. Mrs. Sushma Arya has taken the project under her leadership. She is available on phone 65289415 and mobile no. 9833126336.


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