Arya Samaj : Andheri

1. How do I become a member?
Ans: Register your self by filling the form. After you submit then you will get information as to how to proceed.


2. Where are my e-mail messages sent?
Ans: All messages generated are sent to your registered email address.


3. I am not getting good response from this site, What can I do?
Ans: Improve your profile by writing something interesting, upload a different photograph. Mail as many people as you can. Visit the site frequently to find new added member.


4. Do you offer free membership?
Ans: No, the charges are nominal to support the administrative work.


5. What is the registration fee?
Ans: Registration charges are Rs 500 and form is valid for the whole year after that you have to renew.


6. How do I upload my photograph?
Ans: You can upload your photograph in your account settings. Go to my account, there you will see the link to upload your photograph, follow the instructions.


Please note, Arya Samaj Marriage Bureau announces a confidential Matrimonial Service. Mrs. Sushma Arya has taken the project under her leadership. She is available on phone 65289415 and mobile no. 9833126336.


For more information please contact us:
- Every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm

- Every Sunday from 11pm to 1pm.
- Phone 65289415


For more info: Acharya Hariomji 9820891985
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